miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2007

Life's a Gas A Tribute To Joey Ramone

1. Kitty Kowalski & The Manges- Joey's Song (I Wanna) (USA / Italy)
2. Gabba- Gabba Gabba (UK)
3. The Dirtshakes- The CCC Took Joey Away (Germany)
4. Psy-9- Joey Went Home (Austria)
5. Mighty Gordinis- Rock N Roll Therapy (Belgium)
6. The Shy Guys- We'll Remember You (USA)
7. The Nines- Sad To See You Go (USA)
8. Mach Pelican- My Sweet Ramona (Australia)
9. Rat Fink- My Baby's Got A Crush On Joey Ramone (USA)
10. Phoenix Thunderstone- Joe's Outside (USA)
11. Detox Darling- Don't Fuck With Me (US)
12. Blockage- I Owe You Everything (USA)
13. The Emersons- Ramones T-Shirt (USA)
14. Grayline- Missing You (Canada)
15. Name It Yourself- Back To Rockaway Beach (Brazil)
16. The Spazzys- I Want To Cut My Hair Like Marky Ramone (Australia)
17. The Overprivileged- Pam Ain't No Punk Rocker (USA)
18. Sex Sex Sex- Punk Rock Pioneer (Sweden) 1
9. Anna & The Psychomen- We All Wanted To Be Rocked By The Ramones (Italy)
20. The McRackins- Goodbye Joey (USA)
21. Triggerface- You Took My Life (Sweden)
22. Duffers- Good Times Are Gone (Italy)
23. Meat Depressed- Farewell Baby (USA)
24. Bulldog- Death Is Around (But I Don't Care) (Argentina)
25. Fraebbblarnir- Heven Needed A Lead Singer (Iceland)
26. Vaders- This One's A Goodbye (Germany)
27. The Strap-Ons- Punk Pioneer (USA)
28. Ghoulies- On And On (Sweden)
29. The Dinks- I Wanna Be A Ramone (Canada)
30. Airbag featuring Javi PPM- Bye Bye Joey (Spain)
31. Backoffs- Sad To See You Go (Germany)

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